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I never was one for clever titles.
Who would have thought it would be so fucking hard to knit a legwarmer?!

It's a tube! That you stick your leg in!

Current Mood: frustrated!

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Shite, are we quite sure that thing isn't a bear?

Good thing I'm not the superstitious type-- the last thing I need is the thought of impending death looming over my head. Homework is bad enough.

Current Mood: anxious unnerved

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I got an okay look at Andromeda with my telescope last night, despite all the whinging. It should be a lot clearer once we really get into November, but I thought I could see if pretty well.

Mum sent a care package the other day-- I guess in honor of Halloween?-- so now I have new socks and bran muffins. What sort of woman sends bran muffins in honor of Halloween? Just kidding, really, they're quite good-- even if I don't like raisins and there's practically more raisin than muffin in each one.

I'm wearing the socks, too. They're orange. How festive of me.

Current Mood: cold except for my feet

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Well. I haven't discovered anything incredible about myself, I haven't begun any incredible schemes, I haven't gotten hats or biscuits from anyone, I haven't eaten anything that took root under my bed and no one I know is getting married. I am looking foward to Halloween though, and I have had a brilliant idea thanks to Hopkins and his list. I have also broken my previous entry's resolution-- this one contains more Christmasy things.

No more pussyfooting around the issue this Holiday season, I'm going to bloody ask people outright what they want. So if I know you (and I guess I know all of you, now) just tell me what you're hoping for, yeah? Whether or not you actually get it is an entirely different matter, seeing as how I'm not about to buy stuff for everyone who uses these-- but I might as well know.

Go on then.

Current Mood: amused amused

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I can't belive people are thinking about Christmas shopping already-- although I guess it just depends on if you like to shop. Personally, I'm at least waiting until Halloween passes before I even let the thought enter my mind. That'll give me at least a few weeks of optimism before I start setting myself up for failure.

I've finished up most of the homework that I had to do. Potions has been pretty interesting this year, moreso than usual. I find the Wolfsbane potion to be especially fascinating-- I wonder if it's very widely used among Werewolves. It seems like it would be pretty difficult for the average person to brew regularly... But maybe Mungo's brews it for people? That'd be something to look into, I think. Maybe I will.
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My telescope lens came yesterday morning, which hasn't helped my raccoon eyes at all. On the bright side, it works really well. I got a pretty good look at Cygnus just by aiming it out one of the dormitory windows last night. It cooled down the room a lot-- but I don't see what everyone was winging about. I only looked for a few minutes. In any case, I'm glad it finally came. I've still got a month before Andromeda becomes really clear, but I want my star charts to be especially detailed this year.

Anyroad, I don't really put a lot of stock in the idea of Karma or anything-- but this morning someone's stupid cat or something had chewed off the buckles of two of my belts. Guess I should get my stargazing in during the summer, lest anyone suffer unnecessarily by being chilly for two bloody minutes. If I find out who's it was though, I'll make a hat out of it. Whatever, though, belts aren't hard to replace.

Right. I have History of Magic homework to slog through-- why am I even writing in this?

Current Mood: baffled

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I'm still not sure of what I really think of these; I'm not terribly keen on them yet, but I don't dislike them either. I guess I should say I'm apathetic about them, but that seems a little harsh.

I spent most of last night studying my star charts in the Common Room and ended up falling asleep on the floor. My dignity suffered for it but I ended up learning what I needed to learn, so it evens out. I can tolerate racoon eyes and a temporary carpet-mark on my cheek for the sake of knowledge. I'm not very bothered by tittering first years either; they'll end up in that position at some point.

I've also just owled away for a new telescope lens. And that is that, as far as dreary news is concerned. I don't think my life really does these justice.
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Do these things have an actual point?

Current Mood: curious curious

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